Month: October 2016

Rainy Day

img_066bwIt’s never been a secret that Cristina and her late husband enjoyed rainy weather. They never saw it as gloomy or depressing but instead viewed it as beautiful and relaxing. Despite Cristina’s disease she still enjoy rainy days even though she may complain about it being too cold now. The lovely thing about a sliding glass door is she can close it when she’s cold and can still enjoy the rainy weather that she’s always loved.


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It’s often the simplest things in life that can generate the most happiness. One would think that a person with Alzheimer’s looks sad or pathetic when coloring a coloring book. However, Cristina really enjoys her coloring and the smile that comes to her face brings a smile to her entire family. She often loves to color and will sit down for a long while just coloring her heart out. Truly, it’s a beautiful sight to see.


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