Month: November 2016



The common adage is that elephants never forget and unfortunately for Cristina her disease has made this phrase false.  However, elephants are also a symbol of patience and that is something she has and still has despite her condition. Having raised five children, there is no denying the patience that she has. One would think as she grew older she would become more and more impatient but she proved that stereotypical belief wrong with, not just her kids, but her grandchildren as well.

She loves to wear this bracelet, which was made by Dakini Zito DAZling by Design, and she keeps it on as much as possible. Each day as she tries to put it on, her patience shines through as she does not give up, even on days where she struggles to remember how.


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Guardian, protector, best friend. Many titles can be given to Cristina’s dog Princess and they’d all be accurate. There is no doubting the love that Cristina has for her dog and vice versa. Princess is very protective of Cristina and she’s unafraid to snap or bite at the first sign of provocation. It’s no secret that dogs show loyalty to their family and Princess is no exception. In fact, she exemplifies the love and loyalty that only a dog can show to a loved one.


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