Month: July 2018


It was only a matter of time before Cristina would be confined to a wheelchair. Since she can no longer balance herself when she stands or walks, the doctors have said she needs to be in  one from now on. It’s hard for her to adjust to this and she still wants to get up. She doesn’t understand why she has to be in a wheelchair and there is no way to make her understand. This is just one of the sad parts of this horrible disease.




As Cristina’s disease becomes worse over time.  She is unable to properly dress herself without the aid of another. This image showcases her wearing a dress intended for little girls over her own clothing when she managed to get ahold of some clothing that was sitting on the table we were planning to donate.


Rubber Gloves

Cristina no long understands why you should or should not wear certain articles of clothing. Alzheimer’s has caused Cristina to take dish washing gloves that don’t belong to her and wear them around the house. She no longer knows how to clean anything. Even if you put something in her hand to clean with, she won’t know what to do with it. Sometimes she will mimic us when we clean, but she usually has a blank, confused look on her face. She will often throw a fit, like a toddler, if you try to take the gloves off so we just let her keep them. She now has a four sets of gloves. This photo captures her relaxing in her chair, wearing a pair of dish washing gloves.



Cristina sits and plays piano as if she has played her whole life. The thing is she’s never played a musical instrument in her life, but with Alzheimer’s she thinks she has and this is another calming moment for her.

Her husband was a jazz musician who played professionally through the years, teaching all 5 of their children music. She was the only one who never learned music, but would enjoyed listening to the music her family would play on a daily basis. Currently, one of her daughters plays in a community concert band which gives her the chance to get out of the house and enjoy concerts twice a year. Her musician family made her proud and she loved that everyone knew the language of music.