Month: August 2018


Cristina no longer uses her wallet for all her important stuff. Her son has taken over all of that for her and keeps it safe. Her wallet is now something she goes through, taking things out of and putting them back to keep her busy. Inside her wallet are old I.D. cards of herself and her husband’s, who is no longer with her. He passed away in 2012 from leukemia with mantle cell lymphoma. In 2012 she was still aware enough to know her husband was dying. Now, she can no longer speak words or remember his name. However, when she sees a photo of him, she knows it’s her husband. Maybe it’s something in her brain that won’t let her forget as if it’s embedded in her heart and soul. We may not understand why she still knows who he is but she does.



Cristina’s mother passed away in 2003 from Alzheimer’s, the same terrible disease that Cristina is going through. This is one of her mother’s nightgowns that she had hanging in her closet. It buttons in the front which makes it easy for caregivers to dress and undress when needed, especially for moments when diapers need to be changed. It keeps Cristina busy as well since she plays with the buttons, opening and snapping them closed, repeatedly. It’s tragic that her mother once wore this during her time with Alzheimer’s and now Cristina wears it during her own battle.



Giving someone with Alzheimer’s their purse with simple things inside keeps them busy. Cristina carries her wallet with her husband’s photograph inside. She likes looking at it. She will go through her wallet and continuously pull things out and put them back in. She also has a Rubik cube she can play with. She doesn’t know what it does, but it’s something that keeps her busy.

Alzheimer’s does have a meaner side, however. When she gets angry she’ll hit her caregivers with her purse, but you can’t take it away from her because it will upset her even more. Her purse is everything to her at this stage of her disease.