When Cristina’s mother had Alzheimer’s she would have to call her mom to speak to her until her mother could no longer speak, which was difficult mentally because her mother lived in another state. The best thing about today’s technology is the option to use Facetime on mobile phones. So the days of just hearing a voice is long gone for some patients with Alzheimer’s. One of Cristina’s daughters lives in another state and will Facetime on Cristina’s older son’s phone on occasion so they can see each other and talk. Cristina can no longer form words but she will babble to her daughter on Facetime. Her attention span is short, of course, and she sometimes doesn’t recognize her daughter and just gives a blank stare at the phone before looking away at anything else that catches her eye. It’s hard watching her leave us day by day. Each day is something else lost from her and something new for us to adapt to.



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