Diaper Changes

One of the hardest parts of Alzheimer’s is diaper changing. Our mother was so clean and proper that she would never have wanted to be like this. Her mental state now, however, is that of a bratty toddler. Sometimes she will soil herself and take her diaper off before we even have a chance to get to her. She’ll often smear the mess everywhere including her body before throwing her diaper. She doesn’t even know why she shouldn’t do this. This is were all the cleaning necessities come in. Attempting to get her into the shower also takes considerable effort because she fights like a toddler, not wanting to get in. She’ll also throw punches and kicks which makes it harder for us: her children, her caregivers. She even screams and cries just like a toddler who doesn’t want a diaper change or get cleaned up. Some mornings she’ll wake up and take her diaper off just to rip it apart and make a mess with it. It’s so heartbreaking to have to watch our mother go through this.



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