Born in Mexico, Carmen Cristina Cordova lived in a convent until she was eight years old when she and her family moved to Los Angeles, California. Initially struggling to learn English as a child, she happened upon a teacher who put her in the middle of the class with the attempt to assist in her learning the language.

In high school she would meet her future husband. Victor Molina. A short time after they were wed Victor was drafted into the United States Air Force and stationed at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. It was here that Cristina would give birth to her first son.

After Victor’s discharge from the Air Force, Cristina and her family would move back to California. She would then give birth to her first daughter in 1969.

During the time Cristina would raise her first born son and daughter, she would also go to modeling school and do runway modeling for some time while also taking acting classes. This was done more for hobby than a desired career but she enjoyed doing these things and was considered a natural talent for it.

While living in Los Angeles, in 1974 she would give birth to a second daughter and devote more time being a mother. This would continue into 1980 and 1983 where she would give birth to a second son and a third daughter, respectively.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Cristina would work for the government holding a job at the Department of Motor Vehicles, Internal Revenue Service, and finally the Veterans Administration. The latter career would be the career she would retire from in 2008

In 2012 Cristina was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease, an early form of the same disease her own mother suffered from. Signs of the disease existed before she was officially diagnosed but it would go unchecked and was seen as nothing more than mild quirks that she had always carried with her.

Cristina is still suffering from the disease today and she has become worse as the disease progressed. Often times she’s resorted to hostile accusations or child-like thinking as the disease continues to infect her brain and memories. She remains in the care of her family who have no plans to abandon her in her times of distress. Cristina is a loving mother and grandmother and an overall caring individual who has always sought to help everyone around her and beyond. She deserves to have her memory preserved.


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